At RePLAy 3D, we want to ensure our customers fully understand what we do. Here are a few answers to questions you might have:

Where do you get your PLA scrap?

  • We source our PLA from a US-based filament manufacturer. This company makes a variety of different colors of filament, therefore they produce a considerable amount of scrap. The 100% recycled filament they produce for us has been thoroughly tested for cleanliness and is of equal quality to the filament they already produce.

Where do you get your ABS scrap?

  • We source our ABS scrap from a US-based medical device manufacturer. Their finished products are used in operating rooms across the country. The material we get from them is a by-product of the injection molding process called runners. Runners are created by the channels in molds as the molten plastic is injected from the extruder into the mold.

What happens to the recycled scrap that is mailed in?

  • When we receive the scrap plastic, we first ensure that the material is contaminant free. The material is then mixed with similar scrap materials and granulated. After granulation and testing, we send the regrind to our manufacturer.

Can I send in more than one kind of scrap?

  • Yes as long as the scrap is separated in plastic bags and labeled. We originally asked for only one kind of filament at a time, however sending in your scrap separated in bags will work as well. Please see our guidlines at the bottom of the page for details.

How does the shipping fee work?

  • When you order a reel or reels (up to 3) of filament, you will be charged a flat $4.99 shipping fee. The $4.99 covers the shipping to you as well as the the return shipping to us. We incorporate the return shipping fee into the original price to help simplify the return of your scraps. Shipping fees on orders larger than 3 reels will increase at a graduated rate based on the number of reels purchased.

    How does the RePLAy Rewards program work?

    • As an incentive to recycle with us, we have created the RePLAy Rewards program. This program counts all the material you recycle AND purchase with RePLAy 3D in the form of redeemable points that you can earn and use. When you buy or recycle the equivalent of one ounce of material, you earn one point. When you reach our first threshold of 80 points, your first reward is 20% off a purchase. We hope our program catches on and we are able to increase the number of rewards you can earn! You can learn more here

     Why are there only black and blue colors available?

    • The reason for the limited colors is due to the scrap we use to manufacture the filaments. In the recycling industry, black is used when you mix a variety of colors together because they blend and make inconsistent colors throughout the product. The solution to this is to simply dye the plastic black in order to maintain consistency. The "Natural Blue" color for our ABS is a by-product of the blending of the colors from our scrap. When we first created the ABS filament, we wanted to ensure uniform coloring by dying the material black. However, when we saw the color the ABS scrap had made, we thought it was pretty unique and figured we'd give it a shot. 

     Why can't you accept filled PLA (wood/metal/ceramic)?

    • We cannot accept filled PLA because the materials found in those filaments are considered contaminants to a recycler. Those fillers, whether wood or metal, cannot be removed during the manufacturing process. We want to ensure the best quality product to our customers so those types of materials cannot enter our material stream. 

    Do you accept the empty spools as recyclable scrap?

    • As of now, no. We hope to recycle the spools in the future. 

    Can I recycle my scraps without buying filament?

    • Not yet. We are planning  a "Recycling Only" option as we grow. Currently, we are promoting a full, closed-loop system and hope to expand our services in the future.

    Do you offer wholesale pricing and recycling for commercial use?

    • Yes, we offer to businesses wholesale pricing for orders of five or more reels of filament. For our wholesale customers, we will also increase the weight threshold of scrap sent back to us and ensure fair and agreeable shipping arrangements.

    What is the RePLAy 3D Closed-Loop Certification

    • Our Closed-Loop Certification is a way for commercial printers and users to tell their clients and the world that they are incorporating a green approach to their business. When your company purchases and recycles through RePLAy 3D, we will send a certification that can be used on your companies website and promotional materials.