We would like to invite all 3D printers to join us for a limited time chance to send us your print scraps- no purchase necessary! You may send any amount of either PLA or ABS or both (as long as they are separated and marked). 

Since many of you have varying amounts of scrap and live all over the country, shippings fees will be covered by you, the sender. However, once we've received your scrap, you will be credited $4.99 for shipping*. 

First, create an account then once your scrap arrives you will be awarded RePLAy Rewards points. You can use these points towards discounts on a future purchase, a donation to plant a tree, and free samples of exotic and high grade filament!

*The credit will be issued on your next purchase. 

** You will be able to combine the $4.99 credit as well as any discount from your RePLAy Rewards points